Welcome to JUUL – the smart, simple and genuinely satisfying vapor experience designed for smokers. JUUL is not a cigarette and it’s unlike any e-cigarette. We are happy you decided to give it a try, and we want to ensure you enjoy your first experience. Here are three tips to help you find your perfect puff:

  1. Remember, new things require some patience. JUUL is a unique experience, so learning how to puff on it might take some time. Your puff is something you’ve developed over time depending on the products you’ve used. For example, some draw deeper or fuller, others may take lighter or quicker puffs. JUUL’s vapor density and taste is probably unlike anything you’ve experienced in a product before, so be patient and allow yourself to get used to it.

  2. Take it slow at first. To optimize your first experience, we recommend taking light puffs to get a feel for JUUL’s vapor production before fully inhaling. JUUL’s vapor might be different than what you expect. Try puffing on JUUL a few different ways so you can find the puff that’s right for you, taking a little more each time until you are comfortable inhaling. You might cough at first inhale - that’s not uncommon.

  3. Give it time. JUUL was designed to provide nicotine satisfaction to meet the standards of smokers, but the flavor and feel is naturally unique. If your first JUUL experience is frustrating, don’t give up. Put it down and come back to it later. You’ll find your perfect puff.

Finding The Right Flavor: We know that flavor is essential to a satisfying experience and that finding the right one is important. Our goal is to provide flavors that are suited to adult smokers, suit a variety of preferences and profiles, and are also the best flavors available. This is why we periodically bring limited edition flavors to market.

Keep an open mind as you try new flavors. Your favorite might surprise you. If you didn’t smoke menthols, you might still end up liking Cool Mint - one of the most popular flavors among former regular tobacco and menthol smokers alike.

You might also get tired of a flavor over time (we call that ‘flavor fatigue’). After all, not everyone wants to eat their favorite meal every day. That’s a good time to try a new flavor.

Flavor Guide:

  • Mango. Ripe mango with hints of tropical fruit.
  • Cool Mint. Crisp peppermint with a soothing aftertaste.
  • Virginia Tobacco. Rich, unmistakable tobacco.
  • Fruit Medley. Peaches, grapes and berries with herbal notes.
  • Creme Brulee. Vanilla cake, silky custard and crème brulee.
  • Limited Edition Classic Tobacco. Familiar, robust tobacco flavor with aromatic notes.
  • Limited Edition Classic Menthol. Traditional menthol flavor with a brisk finish.
  • Limited Edition Cool Cucumber. Cucumber with a hint of mint.

We hope you find the flavor that you like and one that provides the alternative that fits your needs. Happy flavor hunting.