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SmokTech Nord Kit Overview:

The Nord by SmokTech is a new button activated pod device. the Nord features an 1100 mAh internal battery, 3mL pod capacity, battery led, and utilizes two exclusive coils, the Nord Mesh 0.6 Ohm and Nord Regular 1.4 Ohm. The Nord Kit also allows for a maximum wattage of 15 watts, pass through charging and a newly designed mouthpiece. The Nord Kit by SmokTech is the perfect kit for on the go and discrete vaping.


SmokTech Nord Kit Features/Overview:

  • Capacity: 3mL
  • Wattage Range: 10 - 15 Watts
  • Internal Battery: 1100 mAh
  • Passthrough Charging
  • Juice Window
  • Nord Coil Family
  • Single Button Activated
  • Multiple Protections

The Smok Nord Kit is a very nice and major upgrade to the original Smok Novo Kit. The Smok Nord now features a button style hit vs the Smok Novo which was air activated. We have seen a few issues with the air activated vapes mainly auto firing or they just stop working. Which is why the Smok Nord having a button is such a huge upgrade for me at least. 


The Smok Nord does feature quite a bit more battery life at 1,100mah so do expect a nice long vaping session. Comfortably I would estimate around 6-8 hours of battery life but this does depend on how frequent you hit the device, what ohm coil you are using, and how long of hits you take. But don't worry if it does happen to die on you a bit to early, it does charge up in about 35-40 minutes which isn't bad. Even if you get a good 10 minute charge you should get quite a good amount of hits off it if not a hour or so.

Charging Your Vape: The Smok Novo Kit does charge VIA the micro usb slot on the device it self (Make sure you do not use any fast charger, or charger blocks over 2amps. 0.5amp and 1amp charging is ideal to preserve the battery). As this helps get you a deeper cycle charge increasing your daily life span by a bit, and your overall life span by quite a bit.



The Smok Nord Kit is a tough little kit, not only is it pocket friendly but man can it hold up to drops. (Not saying you should ever drop your device this can cause internal and external damage.) But with that said it does hold up quite nicely to daily wear. A new nifty feature that we have seen popping up on quite a few of these smaller kits is a battery level indicator. Yes this is something you need as no one likes there vape dying randomly. In order to see your battery life all you have to do it click the fire button 3 times, this will indicate a green for basically fully charged or close to, yellow for mid way charged mite wanna think about charging soon, and red for well charge your vape cause its going to die soon!!



Another Big Change To The Pod: Smok stepped it up quite a bit on the Smok Nord especially on the pod system. Unlike on the Smok Novo where you replace the entire pod, the Nord took a different turn and now uses replaceable coils instead. You can still buy extra pods in case you want to carry around a few different flavors to switch around here and there. But the new coil system works so much better, not only does it give you more options, better flavor, it makes things seal a lot better as well which means less leaky pods YAY! The new pod system on the Nord also allows for better airflow so do keep in mind if your coming from the tighter draw of the Novo, Fit, or even Juul it may take a bit of getting used to.

Lets Not Forget There Is One More Major Change To The Pod: Which is the fill door. On the original Smok Novo we found that the fill slot was just a tad to small for some bottles. This is something Smok addressed with the Nord. They bassically beefed up the rubber plunger and created a much larger fill slot to accommodate any bottle for the most part.


The Smok Nord Coils Overview: The Nord comes with some interesting choice in coils which make things that more fun. The kit will come with the standard 1.4Ω coil which is great for Salt Nicotine, and the mesh 0.6Ω coil which can easily do salt bit keep in mind it will pack a bit more punch. This is where it gets interesting, there is also a 1.4Ω Ceramic coil as well as a 1Ω which is quite a bit hard to find for those wanting a harder hit. Ceramic coils are interesting for quite a few reason such as them lasting quite a bit longer than traditional coils, as well as the flavor. Ceramic seems to be able to pick up some of the more mild flavors and lets them shine right through. This may be due to the more even heat similar to how a mesh coil works in a way at least, much more even burn.

Nord 1.4 Ohm Standard Coil:

  • Resistance: 1.4 Ohm
  • MTL 
  • Single Coil

 Best with Salt Nicotine E-Liquid or thinner blends. Great for those looking for a softer hit on the throat. 

Nord 0.6 Ohm Mesh Coil:

  • Resistance: 0.6 Ohm
  • Flavor and Cloud Production
  • Mesh Coil

Great with either regular juice or Salt Nicotine, I would say that if you do use Salt Nicotine with this coil that you try using a lower Nicotine level. The 0.6Ω Mesh coil does hit about twice as hard as either of the 1.4Ω coils. 

Nord 1.4 Ohm Ceramic Coil:

  • Resistance: 1.4 Ohm
  • MTL
  • Ceramic Build

The Ceramic 1.4Ω Coil is one of my favorites as it provides the softer hit I want, with a smooth pure flavor that only Ceramic can get. Ceramic does also tend to last a bit longer as well due to its more even heating.

Package Contents:

  • 1x SmokTech Nord Kit
  • 1x 0.6 Ohm Mesh Coil
  • 1x 1.4 Ohm Coil (MTL)
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual

Warranty Information

30 day warranty for all manufacture defects, please see our return policy for more information.

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    So far my favorite

    Published by Sandra on Aug 30th 2018

    Have used a few different little kits and so far this is my favorite. I bought 2 just in case anything happens or to use as a spare battery if I am out. Thank you so much!!!!!!

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